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Brand Identity

For information related to INTERSTAT brand, colours, versions, uses – and possible misuses that must be avoided – please download the Visual Identity Manual.

Below, you can download all the INTERSTAT logos in different versions, colours and layouts, differentiating also printed and online uses.


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project deliverables

Report on pilots’ development and deployment
Ontologies and tools to enable cross-border semantic interoperability
Report on the maturity of Linked Open Statistical Data in Europe
Report on the overall technical scenarios in Europe in relation to the provisioning and reuse of (Linked) Open Statistical Data
Report of the use cases to demonstrate the cross-border benefits of the proposed solution
Impact assessment report
Exploitation and sustainability plan

supporting documents

Context Broker - Collect data from different sources and support smart decisions at the right time
Orion Context Broker in CEF Building Blocks
Presentation INTERSTAT #SiciliaOpenData

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