Plan for the future: how to reach INTERSTAT

Mar 30, 2023Events, News

Plan for the future: how to reach INTERSTAT

Mar 30, 2023Events, News

The INTERSTAT consortium recently concluded a productive meeting at the FIWARE headquarters in Berlin, where they collaborated on the creation of a comprehensive business model canvas. The primary goal of this canvas is to facilitate the management of open data and statistical data within the public sector.
Additionally, the team discussed plans for the upcoming closing event, which will be held at the FIWARE Global Summit in Vienna on 12-13th of June. A fully integrated session where experts and professional speakers will provide the next generation of solutions able to improve the quality of services for public administrations but not limited.

The General Assembly kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome and a thorough overview of the project’s status, milestones, and technical activities, including discussions around the framework and tools, pipelines, SDMX-NGSI LD, and pilot applications.

Given that the overarching objective of the project is to promote interoperability between national statistical portals and the European Data Portal, it was suggested that datasets be made compliant with the Metadata Quality Assurance tool.

One of the meeting’s highlights was the Sustainability and Exploitation Plan workshop developed by using the SWOT Analysis firs and the Business Model Canvas then, which emphasized the importance of creating a sustainable business model for the project’s success.

Overall, the meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s progress and highlighted the importance of collaboration with key partners to achieve the project’s goals.

Here are a few highlights :

  • Key Propositions of the services and solutions developed in INTERSTAT :

    -Improve data interoperability and standardization
    -Make the solutions more appealing
    -Disseminate the open source culture to the public administrations
    -Provide tutorials on how to use the framework
    -Increase semantic and technical data interoperability
    -Reduce errors in data provisioning
    -Help with the building of LOD
    -Add aggregated data to Context Broker


  • Customer Segments

    -Statistic producers
    -Private Organizations that manage statistics data
    -Public National and European Institute of Statistics
    -Public Administrators (local, regional and central)

As a key strategic partner, members of the FIWARE Community played a crucial role in promoting the project’s activities to potential customers through workshops, presentations in internal meetings organized by PA, and special meetings with customers.