Cross-border and cross-domain pilot: The SEP pilot

Jul 27, 2023Events, News

Cross-border and cross-domain pilot: The SEP pilot

Jul 27, 2023Events, News

Linking census and air pollution data


The ‘Support for Environment Policies’ (SEP) pilot application is revolutionizing environmental analysis by connecting air pollution and demographic data in Italian and French regions.
By integrating census records with air quality indicators, the SEP pilot provides valuable insights into the relationship between population demographics and environmental pollution. In this blog post, we explore the features and benefits of the SEP pilot and its potential to drive effective environmental policies.


Connecting the Dots: The SEP Pilot

Built on the INTERSTAT framework, the SEP pilot seamlessly links air pollution indicators and demographic information. It enables cross-border comparisons, focusing on major cities like Rome and Paris, to uncover patterns and correlations between air pollution levels and population demographics.


Key Services and Features

The SEP pilot offers three main services, each delivering unique insights into the intersection of air pollution and population demographics:


  1. Cross-Domain Analysis: By overlaying air pollution data with population statistics, the SEP pilot identifies regions with high pollution levels and corresponding resident populations. This analysis supports targeted environmental interventions.


  1. Demographic Analysis: Users can select a municipality and explore population data for specific age groups. By comparing air pollution (specifically PM10 pollutant) and population values, policymakers can identify areas with vulnerable populations at greater risk from pollution.


  1. Air Quality Monitoring: The SEP pilot provides information about air quality monitoring stations, enabling users to compare pollution levels (PM2.5 and NO2) between French and Italian territories. This service aids in understanding pollution patterns and developing effective strategies.


Navigating the SEP Pilot

To explore the SEP pilot’s features, visit
With its user-friendly interface, users from diverse backgrounds can access and analyze critical environmental data. The SEP pilot empowers researchers, policymakers, and concerned citizens to make evidence-based decisions for effective environmental policies.



The SEP pilot’s integration of census and air pollution data transforms environmental analysis. By providing comprehensive insights into the relationship between population demographics and pollution levels, it equips policymakers with the tools needed for informed decision-making. As we prioritize community health and sustainable development, solutions like the SEP pilot pave the way for a greener future.