A pilot application to enrich educational data

Jul 14, 2023Events, News

A pilot application to enrich educational data

Jul 14, 2023Events, News

Discover the power of collaboration and progress at CEF INTERSTAT, where we unveil a collection of pilot applications born from this visionary project. Our publication series serves as a testament to the cutting-edge initiatives that have been meticulously developed and effectively put into practice. Embark on a journey of exploration and knowledge as we showcase the remarkable outcomes achieved through our pilots.


Linking educational and census data


The ‘School for You’ (S4Y) pilot application showcases the power of integrating educational and census data to gain valuable insights. By combining data from Italy and France, S4Y provides information on school attendance, the distribution of public and private schools, and the relationship between education and population structure.

Exploring Educational Data

S4Y offers a service that allows users to explore the number of schools and students based on educational attainment levels. By selecting a Municipality, Educational Level (ISCED), and School Year, users can visualize tabular data showing school and student counts, as well as population breakdowns. This analysis helps policymakers improve access to education and enhance training in specific areas.

Comparing Scholar Services Across Borders

Another service in S4Y enables the comparison of scholar services between selected Municipalities in France and Italy. By selecting an Italian and a French Municipality, along with a specific school year, users can gain insights into the number of public and private schools, along with resident population data. This service facilitates cross-border collaboration and identifies areas where educational offerings can be improved.

Benefits and Implications

Integrating educational and census data empowers policymakers to address disparities and improve educational opportunities. Educators can use this information to tailor programs to areas with specific needs, while researchers can uncover correlations and provide evidence-based recommendations for educational policies.


The S4Y pilot application demonstrates the potential of integrating educational and census data to enrich insights. By linking education and population data, S4Y aids policymakers, educators, and researchers in making data-informed decisions, improving educational access, and fostering collaboration. 

Visit the S4Y pilot client at https://framework.cef-interstat.eu/S4Y-pilot-client/